Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel....Is this what the Foreign Service is like?

Not likely. Luckily we are joining the Foreign Service from Hawaii, so we get put up in a hotel in Waikiki for ten days prior to flying to DC for A-100. (The bad part is that we are leaving Hawaii).
Yes, it is just terrible to be sipping our Blue Hawaiis beachside while we wait to swim at the pool after a long morning playing in the waves. Someone has to do it..... for the nation.
Wrapping up over twelve years in the islands is not so easy. Closing an award winning restaurant after seven years, resigning from the Neighborhood Board, and just saying goodbye was not an easy process. The eight thousand pounds of household goods was quite a shocker as well: A two day move out, including a second truck to take over flow. Wouldn't have thought we that much stuff.
A few more days to go before we fly out......

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